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What Are the Benefits of a Neurosurgeon Expert Witness?

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Medical experts are essential to proving or disproving a variety of legal claims. Whether you are trying to establish duty, breach, causation, or harm, if any of the necessary elements turn on a matter of medical expertise, you need the right professional in your corner in order to have any chance of prevailing. Read on for a discussion of just some of the ways a neurosurgeon expert witness can help your legal matter, and call a qualified medical expert with any additional questions or for help with a case.

Establishing Negligence or Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases require testimony from a medical expert. There is no way around it. If you try to bring a malpractice case without a qualified and trustworthy expert opinion to back up your claims, your case will be tossed out of court by the time your filing fee check has cleared. Even before you file your claims, if you believe you may have a claim for medical malpractice, a neurosurgeon can help you evaluate the possibility of malpractice, help you identify relevant evidence and understand where to look for proof of malpractice, and help you understand the value of your claim at the outset. A proper expert can then provide you with expert opinion and testimony to convince the defense, the insurance provider, the court, and any other relevant parties of the validity of your malpractice or other claims.

Proving Injury and Causation

One of the most difficult things about toxic torts, medical malpractice allegations, and other cases involving complex injuries is establishing that the defendant’s conduct actually caused the plaintiff to suffer harm. A seasoned neurosurgeon can help you and your team establish that the defendant’s conduct was not only negligent but directly caused the injury suffered by the plaintiff. Whether the plaintiff was exposed to a harmful chemical, was asphyxiated by a rogue police officer, was denied blood or oxygen to the brain by a botched medical procedure, or was struck in the head during an industrial accident, you need the assistance of a proper neurology expert to establish that they did, in fact, suffer harm as a result of the incident and that it was the defendant’s conduct that caused the injury.

Proving Damages

A qualified and effective medical expert can be the difference between a small award that barely covers current expenses and an expansive award that accounts for anticipated future expenses, pain and suffering, and functional limitations. An experienced neurosurgeon can help your legal team, through consultation, expert opinion, or testimony, demonstrate the true extent of the harm caused by a negligent defendant. Whether due to a serious car accident, a botched medical procedure, or any other incident causing brain injury, damage to the brain can be long-lasting, debilitating, and severe. A qualified neurosurgeon can help you demonstrate just how devastating that damage is likely to be, ensuring that your plaintiff recovers damages that properly accord to the harm they are likely to suffer in the near future and beyond.

If you need a qualified, dedicated, and effective expert witness in a personal injury, medical malpractice, or product liability case, contact the offices of Neurosurgery Medlegal Services, LLC, at 866-659-8051.

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