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IME Services in Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Cases

An independent medical examination (IME) may be required by the workers’ compensation carrier at the start of a workers’ comp claim before benefits are ever paid, or an IME may be ordered periodically throughout the benefit payment period, such as every six months. The IME provides the insurance carrier with an objective, independent opinion regarding several important aspects of the claimed injury, including the nature and extent of the injury, the probable cause of the injury, prognosis, and the functional limitations the injury imposes, specifically on the employee’s work duties.

IMEs may also be requested in personal injury cases where a plaintiff is seeking damages from a defendant, most typically through the defendant’s liability insurer. Also known as a compulsory medical examination (CME) in Florida and other jurisdictions, an IME can play a critical role in negotiating a settlement or defending or litigating a first-party or third-party personal injury insurance claim. Courts typically only permit one IME to be performed in personal injury matters, so it’s important to retain the services of a qualified physician with training and experience in the specific type of injury involved, as well as experience conducting IMEs in a variety of situations.

At Neurosurgery MedLegal Services, we prepare a comprehensive report based on a thorough review of medical records and as complete a physical examination and interview as is required by the circumstances. Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheimer is a board-certified neurosurgeon and practicing physician, as well as a board-certified independent medical examiner with experience conducting IMEs in a range of cases around the country. Additionally, as a trained actor and accomplished voice-over artist, Dr. Oppenheimer delivers a commanding presence if cross-examined at deposition or trial regarding the contents of the IME report.

Neurosurgery MedLegal Services engages in a comprehensive IME process, including all of the following components:

  • Conduct a thorough review of the claimant’s medical records
  • Interview the claimant to learn the circumstances of the injury and understand claimant’s job duties
  • Perform a functional assessment to identify physical limitations
  • Identify how the injury affects job duties, home life, hobbies and lifestyle
  • Assess the claimant’s pain
  • Provide a prognosis

Dr. Oppenheimer conducts a thorough medical examination appropriate to the claimed injury and his areas of expertise. Claimant will be requested to perform tasks multiple times to evaluate the consistency of responses and the range of limitations. Clients are provided with a detailed, evidence-based report to guide them in their decision-making process.

Neurosurgery MedLegal Services is Your Source for Objective, Professional IMEs

For objective, independent medical examinations from a board-certified neurosurgeon and practicing physician with over 29 years of medical experience and more than 18 years serving the legal community as an expert witness and IME provider, call Neurosurgery MedLegal Services at 866-659-8051.

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